In Christ Alone

  First published at: View this post on Instagram A few days ago I deleted a response to an online discussion. I deleted it because I felt ashamed, when not one person chose to reply, but also because I felt bad about the bitterness it exposed in my heart. I spoke of the many peopleContinue reading “In Christ Alone”

Restoration’s Story

Today, I am taking a break from the Upon This Rock podcast series to share of the mighty healing God has been working in my heart. May it bless you!   I used to believe in a pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps Christianity and still fall into that old way of thinking sometimes. I have tried to live outContinue reading “Restoration’s Story”

What You Meant For Harm

God always meant for good, oh enemy. No podcast today, but a poem instead:     You intended to harm me Power of blindness As you lashed a child of God In punishment, upon a heart so broken  Crying out for Love And me, his sister kept at bay Fearful, helpless there she stood Rejected,Continue reading “What You Meant For Harm”